Andrea Ferreyra

Andrea Ferreyra: “When we head out into the world, we’re not just Argentina and Malbec any more: we’re much more than that.”  

Andrea Ferreyra is the Head Oenologist at La Celia, a winery that has won international recognition for the quality of their wines. A conversation about the value of Geographic Indications, the future of Cabernet Sauvignon and how women need more visibility in the viticultural industry.   
Michelin Star Carito Lourenço

Michelin star Carito Lourenço: “Our goal is to make Fierro an ambassador for Argentine wines in Spain” 

Michelin Star Carito Lourenço. The first woman chef from Argentina to win a Michelin star, Carito Lourenço, is the owner of the Fierro restaurant in Valencia, Spain. Here, she shares her thoughts about the status of women in the field, her love for Argentine wines and her forthcoming projects.