Day of the Chef

Day of the chef: cooking with Argentine identity

On Argentina’s vibrant gastronomic scene, October 20 is the Day of the Chef. Across the country, and the world, more and more cooks and restaurants are celebrating what each area has to offer, taking fresh new approaches and using innovative techniques to create dishes with real character, often conceived in close association with Argentine wine. Here, we celebrate the Day of the Chef with a brief – and far from complete – rundown of some of the most interesting restaurants and chefs across the country.     
Michelin Star Carito Lourenço

Michelin star Carito Lourenço: “Our goal is to make Fierro an ambassador for Argentine wines in Spain” 

Michelin Star Carito Lourenço. The first woman chef from Argentina to win a Michelin star, Carito Lourenço, is the owner of the Fierro restaurant in Valencia, Spain. Here, she shares her thoughts about the status of women in the field, her love for Argentine wines and her forthcoming projects.