wine regions

A world-first Argentine initiative to categorize the country’s wine regions  

An initiative by Coviar, the Argentine Viticultural Corporation, might just be a game changer for wine producers and other actors in the industry. For the first time in its history, Argentina has carried out a study that assesses the key variables of physical and environmental conditions such as geology, the soil, the climate and the landscape of different viticultural regions in Mendoza, San Juan, Salta and Tucuman
Michelin Guide in Argentina

The MICHELIN guide causes a stir in its first two locations in Argentina: Buenos Aires and Mendoza

MICHELIN Guide in Argentina. The famous MICHELIN Guide has come to Argentina to fulfill the dreams of chefs and diners alike. A secret team is carrying out its first tour of Buenos Aires and Mendoza to determine which restaurants deserve the prestigious honor. Why this is excellent news for the Argentine tourist and wine industries.
Guillermo Corona

Guillermo Corona: “A more holistic approach to a sense of place is the way forward” 

The geophysicist Guillermo Corona spends his working days looking for oil. On weekends, however, he indulges in a passion that began at an agricultural and oenological college in Mendoza; spending his “free time” touring vineyards and studying their soils to provide wineries with knowledge that will help them to improve the quality of their wines.