The treasures of Cachi are a treat for your eyes, heart and glass

wineries of Cachi

Hi wine lovers! I’ve been meaning to tell you about my visit to the wineries of Cachi, an unmissable spot in the Northwest of Argentina and one of the jewels of the Calchaquí Valleys. It’s a dreamy town situated at an altitude of 8500 feet where the surrounding landscape echoes the shades of the earth and the old architecture of the town center is extremely picturesque.

What do you need to do in Cachi? We’ll start with the basics: walk around, but always with a hat, bottle of water, comfortable shoes and sunblock, enjoying the cobbled streets that lead to city center where you can view San José Church, and choose a bar run by one of the wineries of Cachi to try the local specialties and enjoy the sights and sounds of a town surrounded by giant cacti and snow-capped peaks.

By now, I think I qualify as a bona fide wine lover, I can talk intelligently to producers in a vineyard, and name oenologists from Mendoza, Córdoba and Salta, and so I have no qualms about declaring my love for Torrontés, which is an extremely refreshing lunchtime drink around here.

Putting my tour guide hat back on, a visit will only take you a day. But if you ask me, I’d stay a little longer so you can discover the viticultural treasures of the region. Cachi is an excellent wine tourism destination and that’s the kind I like! Let me tell you about the wineries of Cachi, a small Salteñan paradise.

wineries of Cachi

The wineries of Cachi

Bodega Puna

My first stop was at one of the wineries of Cachi where the flavor of the wines is derived directly from the inhospitable terrain: the extreme climate and thermal range, the sun and the altitude all make their Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo and Torrontés unique.

I did the guided tour, which is free, but I was very glad that I’d reserved ahead to have lunch at the restaurant, an undoubted highlight of the area.

wineries of Cachi

Let me give you a couple of tips: the menu has a lot of choice and you can also have breakfast and tea. The Malbec and Torrontes frozen mousse that I chose for dessert will be one of my best memories from the trip. Of the wines, my favorite was definitely the Sauvignon Blanc because of its distinctive, expressive character.

In the evening you can have a glass of wine at the winery’s bar in Cachi plaza.


This was my home for two unforgettable nights in close proximity to the sun, the earth, the stars and the vines. I stayed at one of the winery’s cabins, built with local materials that blend into the landscape. Miraluna fulfilled my dream of having a winery right in my back garden!

The moment I arrived and moved in, I joined one of the free guided tours, which you don’t have to reserve in advance. Just check the schedule on Instagram and arrive a quarter of an hour beforehand.

wineries of Cachi

Across 20 minutes I toured the vineyard, winery and cellar, learning about the entire process from plant to bottle and found out about the importance of the high density of the plantation (fewer kilos per plant and greater concentration) and the Northwest/Southeast orientation in shaping the eventual wine.

In 2023, I sincerely hope you’ll have the opportunity to treat yourself to a humita en chala and a wonderful Ekeko Malbec on a moonlit night in the valley.


This is undoubtedly one of the stars among the up and coming wineries of Cachi, as I learned reading this article. I was interested in the project in the foothills of the Cerro Nevado in Cachi because its philosophy and structure revolve around local culture, ancestral traditions and ecological practices. I’ll toast to all that in a glass!

At a height of 9000 feet above sea level, in their own vineyard, which is one of the highest in the world, they grow Malbec, Merlot and Torrontés, which they produce as varietals and in blends. Don’t miss out on their Torrontés, one of the most delicious of my trip.

wineries of Cachi

Adentro exports to Switzerland, where owners Christian Gotz and Viera Merz are originally from, and where their wines are very well received. Quite fitting really.

I have no doubt that I’ve already managed to tempt you into a trip to tour the wineries of Cachi, making them one of the must-sees of your visit. Let you know if you’re familiar with any so we can exchange oenological adventures and I’ll see you soon with the next instalment of my travels. Cheers!

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