12 outstanding women on the Argentine wine scene in 2023  

Argentine women winemakers

Women are transforming the Argentine wine industry with their vision, investment and hard work. From small wineries to major brands, these professionals are making waves in the world of wine. 

This list offers a representative, although hardly comprehensive of course, example of the enormous contribution being made by Argentine women winemakers.   

WofA provides support for Argentine women winemakers through our “Women of Argentina” initiative, whose goal is to improve the visibility of women in the viticultural sector and also acts as the nucleus for all the institution’s activities in the fields of equality, inclusion, gender issues and the prevention and eradication of violence against women.    

Outstanding Argentine women winemakers in 2023

mujeres winemakers argentinas

1. Cecilia Acosta

Bodega Argento have the largest expanse of organic certified vineyards in Argentina and it is the agricultural engineer Cecilia Acosta who has been given the task of ensuring that organic practices are followed across the different estates. She also heads up the Matriz Viva project, a conservation program that involves the study of biodiversity in the vineyard. Together with different universities and institutions, Acosta gathers and analyzes information about the essential resources to be found in the environment, the water, the soils and the vines.  

2. Ana Paula Bartolucci 

Famous as the leading producer of sparkling wines in Argentina and a landmark of local winemaking history, Bodega Chandon has a proud record training world class professionals. One of these is Ana Paula Bartolucci, the first woman to occupy the role of Sr. Oenologist for sparkling wines in the main oenological team. She was involved in the development of Apéritif, one of the most innovative and revolutionary wines to appear on the local scene in recent years.  

3. Andrea Ferreyra

Andrea has for over a decade been the Head Oenologist at Finca La Celia, one of the iconic wineries in San Carlos (Uco Valley). Intimately acquainted with the terroirs of Paraje Altamira and La Consulta, she has a special touch for Malbec and Cabernet Franc. This comes out especially in her Single Vineyard line, which has won high scores and several honors.   

4. Constanza Gaitieri

In recent years, several small winemaking projects have been bringing greater diversity to the Argentine wine scene. Among these is Malpensado, the sparkling wine label run by Constanza Gaitieri, a young oenologist whose passion for wine led her to complete her training in Spain. Back home, she became one of the most notable Argentine women winemakers in the country with her modern approach to sparkling wine, employing a range of methods and grapes. For example, she makes a Roussanne and a Marsanne, as well as a Pet Nat Riesling.

5. Agustina Hanna

In her role at Ruca Malen, Hanna has distinguished herself with innovative approaches and a sustainable vision. In just two years, she transformed the portfolio of the traditional winemaker in Luján de Cuyo, implementing organic, biodynamic practices and trying out new winemaking methods that employ different formats, materials and sizes. The winery has thus repositioned itself in the market and Agustina Hanna has become one of the most respected young Argentine women winemakers out there.  

6. Daniela Mansilla

Viticulture is expanding apace in the Province of Córdoba thanks to a handful of small wineries focused on producing quality wine. One of the people responsible for this phenomenon is the agricultural engineer Daniela Mansilla, the busiest consultant in the province and one of Argentina’s most talented winemakers. She tirelessly travels the length and breadth of Córdoba to help wineries optimize their vineyard management and assist with winemaking. She also makes Patente X, one of the most interesting wines from the area.  

mujeres winemakers argentinas

7. Mariana Páez

Originally from Mendoza, Mariana Paéz is one of the leading oenologists in the Calchaquí Valleys, where some of the highest vineyards in the country are to be found. Paéz worked at Quara, one of the largest in the region, until she decided to develop her own wine brand, Charata Wines, which produces a striking, high quality Cabernet Sauvignon. She is also is in charge of Las Arcas de Tolombón Winery while advising different wineries in the province of Tucumán.. 

8. Delfina Pontaroli 

Developing a new Geographic Indication a long way from the major wine regions is no easy task, and neither is making a name for yourself with non-traditional varieties. But, one of the many passionate Argentine women winemakers, Delfina Pontaroli, who works at Puerta del Abra, the first winery in Balcarce (Buenos Aires Province), wasn’t going to let that stop her. Today the winery is known as the establishment that expanded the Argentine wine map with the Balcarce GI, where delicious Albariños, Rieslings and Pinot Noirs are to be found.

9. Juliana Rauek

The Pedernal Valley, in the Province of San Juan, is one of the most important terroirs in Argentina due to its natural conditions and the wines obtained from its vineyards. Using grapes from this high altitude valley and artisanal methods, Juliana Rauek makes wines at her small winery Elefante Wines. The brand’s minimal intervention wines are Rauek’s contribution to diversity in one of the strongest viticultural regions in the country.  

10. Rosario Toso

Regenerative viticulture is without a doubt one of the most important practices currently being adopted in global viticulture. The objective is to restore ecosystems so as to conserve the diversity of each terroir. The agricultural engineer Rosario Toso is a local leader of sustainable development and her work in the vineyards of Cheval des Andes has resulted in several breakthroughs in the restoration of native vegetation and the traditional fruits of Mendoza, generating a welcoming environment for birds, fauna and other organisms that enrich the natural environment across the region.  

11. Denis Vicino

Finca La Anita and Mendoza Vineyards are a pair of Mendoza vineyards with a significant global presence. Their classical wines are made with grapes from Luján de Cuyo and the Uco Valley. Behind each of their labels is the young Denis Vicino, a very talented and versatile winemaker comfortable with a range of profiles who also guarantees the quality that has won over some of the most demanding markets on the planet.  

12. Ana Viola

The Patagonian wine scene has grown in prominence over the past decade which is why some of the region’s leading figures have come to occupy key roles in the industry. This is true of Ana Viola, the CEO of Malma Wines and President of the Chamber of Wine Exporters in Patagonia. Ana is part of the family that helped to introduce winemaking to the Province of Neuquén. Currently, in addition to running the family winery, she also represents the interests of Patagonian winemakers. 

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