The most commonly planted white varieties in Argentina

The 12 most extensively planted white grape varieties in Argentina

Everyone is familiar with Chardonnay, a white grape variety grown in Argentina and all across the world. But it’s not so commonly known that it’s not actually the most extensively grown in the country. In fact, comes in third on a list of the varieties with the most surface area under vine in Argentina with 5863 hectares of a total, as of January 2021 of 35,845 hectares of white grape vines. So, which are the two most widely grown and what others make up the list of the top 12? What are the white varieties most commonly found in Argentina?
How to choose Argentine wines

How to choose an Argentine wine

Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world with a winemaking history that dates back 400 years, so any bottle you choose is going to be good quality. Additionally, although Argentina is best known for its Malbecs, it also offers a wide range of other grapes and styles. It's time to find out how to choose the best Argentine wines.