Seven wine bars to visit in Buenos Aires

Wine Bars in Buenos Aires

One finds wine bars all over the city of Buenos Aires in many different shapes and sizes: some have high tech dispensers, some serve straight from the barrel, some do it the traditional way – a glass at the bar – or working in partnership with restaurants. Here, we introduce you to seven very different wine spots across the Argentine capital.  

Wine Bars in Buenos Aires

Aldo’s Wine Bar (República Árabe Siria 3037, Palermo)

Aldo Graziani is a renowned sommelier and owner of several establishments that put Argentine wine center stage. One is Aldo’s Wine Bar, a relaxed, warm space where one can enjoy a wide variety of wines by the glass and bottle.

The curatorial choices favor small and mid-sized producers from different wine producing regions with a focus on the work of oenological innovators although there are also plenty of options for more classical palates. To accompany them, the menu offers a simple but high-quality range of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.

wine bars in buenos aires

VICO (Gurruchaga 1149, Villa Crespo, and Honduras 5799, Palermo)

It’s best to get to Vico Wine Bar early because the alluring range it has to offer might very well see you lingering at length to try a wealth of different wines: over 100 labels from different wine regions across the country selected by the sommelier Pablo Colina.

The concept is built around innovative dispensers made by the Italian company WineEmotion which allow drinkers to serve three different measures and keep the wine in optimal condition at the perfect temperature. Customers can thus choose their favorite label in the serving they like, use a card to activate the system and know their wine will come out just right. It’s an excellent venue at which to get the full, diverse picture of the Argentine wine scene.  

The kitchen, meanwhile, serves seasonal dishes while the bar also offers top class cocktails. 

Breaking news: VICO Wine Bar has just opened a branch in Mendoza, and is very much worth a visit.  

wine bars in buenos aires

Naranjo (Ángel Justiniano Carranza 1059, Villa Crespo)

Initially, Naranjo was conceived as a restaurant where wines and tapas would be the stars. The pandemic saw these plans change, leading to a rethink: now there’s no dining room, the tables are on the sidewalk and inside one finds a display of the dishes of the day, which are based on seasonal ingredients and whatever looked good at the market that morning.  

Argentine wines are another pillar of this hipster bar and wine store in Chacarita (currently the trendiest gastronomic hotspot in the city) and many are organic, biodynamic, low intervention and from boutique wineries. Producers also occasionally drop by to give talks so it’s worth following them on social media.    

wine bars in buenos aires

Vina San Telmo (Av. Caseros 474, San Telmo)

The young sommelier Sofía Maglione is the captain of the good ship Vina, which is located on one of the prettiest streets of Buenos Aires, where the nightlife is always vibrant. The bar gets enthusiastically involved in the fun with packed concerts, pop-ups and events aimed at a youthful audience.  

But don’t get the wrong idea: energetic doesn’t mean slipshod. Maglione has managed to put together an extremely savvy and balanced wine list and is the perfect guide; eloquent and tasteful, for curious customers. The stars of the menu are definitely the potato tortilla and sausage served on faina with salsa criolla

wine bars in buenos aires

Nilson (Carlos Calvo 463, San Telmo)

San Telmo Market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Buenos Aires and shoppers hoping to find a moment’s rest and a refreshing glass of something will encounter the perfect refuge at Nilson, a small, simple bar set to one side of the historic building. 

With only a few tables and a simple menu of toasts, tapas and sandwiches, the “street food” vibe is clear to see. The list of wines by the glass is written on a blackboard and is consistently being renewed with a range of options that cater to different tastes at an affordable price, from novel orange wines to Malbecs suitable for all audiences. The service is friendly, stripping away the fustiness often associated with wine bars.  

wine bars in buenos aires

LPV (Paunero 2880, Palermo)

The LPV project is a combination of two previous concepts: Club Vilardo (an online wine store) and the kitchen at the Las Patriotas bar (whose chefs came here after it closed during the pandemic).

With a clear focus on low intervention, organic and biodynamic wines, the LPV selection includes around 90 frequently rotated labels where the emphasis is on keeping things free and interesting.  

The menu offers small portions to accompany the wine while at the enormous wooden bar you can try the creations of bartender Frank Sosa, whose mixes are structured around wines such as Criolla, Nebbiolo; and Pet Nats.

wine bars in buenos aires

Gran Bar Danzón (Libertad 1161)

If there were ever a pioneer of wine bars in Buenos Aires, it was Gran Bar Danzón (Libertad 1161). In the late 90s, the very concept of a wine bar was unheard of in Buenos Aires. Hidden away from the trendier areas of the city, its air of secrecy soon became one of the establishment’s great strengths.   

wine bars in buenos aires

Their carefully chosen wine list (which has over 350 selections including collector’s items and notable vintages), impressive bar, which became a kind of rite of passage for mixologists in Buenos Aires and high-end gastronomy have forged the bar’s identity, making “El Danzón” an iconic spot for the past couple of decades. It looks set to remain so for the foreseeable future.  

In this article we introduce you to some of the best bars in Buenos Aires:


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