Vinodinámicos launches to consolidate the organic movement in Argentina


Organic wines are increasingly in demand across the world, both among producers and consumers. International statistics show that in contrast to most categories, the sustainable, organic and biodynamic sectors are presenting some very encouraging results. 

Over the past decade, the amount of global surface area under vine with organic crops has quintupled to its current figure of 467,760 hectares. Global consumption of organic wine, meanwhile, currently accounts for 3% of all wine drunk.   

But when you look at the statistics from the main certifiers you see that one also needs to take into the thousands of hectares undergoing the certification process and those that employ natural methods without obtaining certification.  

With such positive numbers, it’s not surprising that the movement is growing stronger in Argentina, encouraging more and more producers to band together. In June, one of these groups launched the Vinodinámicos brand. 


Vinodinámicos: stronger together

In 2020, there were 76 Argentine wineries with organic certification, double the number in 2013, while certified vineyards grew by 232% over the same period.

More and more Argentine wineries are focusing on the production of organic grapes, certifying their processes and incorporating sustainability protocols. 

Every producer consulted emphasized the importance of protecting the environment, recognizing that it’s time to make a real contribution in the area.   

This is the goal of Vinodinámicos, a non-profit organization whose mission is to pool strength and willpower to ensure that all the members are moving in the right direction.    

They work together on the challenges they come across in the technical, commercial, and communication fields as well as the certification process. “We’re a dynamic group who work in harmony with our surroundings,” says Mauricio Castro, the group’s coordinator. The current members are Alpamanta, Bodega Piedra Negra, Casa de Uco, Bodega Chakana, Domaine Bousquet, Ernesto Catena Vineyards, Escorihuela Gascón, Bodega Krontiras, SuperUco and Vinyes Ocults. 

We are brought together by a commitment to develop healthy, responsible agricultural practices for the production of organic, biodynamic wines that reflect their place of origin and embody respect for nature and humanity.” 

Expert training

As part of its mission, on June 14, Vinodinámicos organized the seminar “Organic Universe” under the auspices of the “Argentina 3D” educational program being run by Wines of Argentina which was attended by sommeliers and wine industry leaders from all across Latin America.  


At the talk, Castro and the winemakers Maricruz Antolin from Bodega Krontiras and Victoria Brond from Bodega Alpamanta shared their experiences and working philosophies, which can be summed up by the following essential values of Vinodinámicos:

  • INTEGRITY: “We are genuine, coherent and open in our thoughts, emotions and actions. We constantly strive to uphold our values.”  
  • GENEROSITY: “We share our knowledge and experience with other members of the group and society at large.”  
  • TENACITY: “We are determined in our quest for knowledge that will enrich our lives.”  
  • BONDS: “We value friendships, empathy, camaraderie, good behavior and solidarity.” 
  • COMMITMENT: “We are committed to our personal convictions, the paradigm and our peers.”
  • RESPECT: “We value and promote diversity.”
  • INNOVATION: “We are always looking for new goals and methods in every strategic area.” 

Enjoy the Vinodinámicos “Organic Universe” seminar here


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