Sommelier Day: 12 promising young Argentine sommeliers 

Sommelier Day

June 3 is International Sommelier Day, set to commemorate the founding of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale in 1969. Argentina is one of the world’s leading wine producers and the profession has played a key part in promoting the country’s wines and earning acclaim for its wineries.

Over the past 30 years, Argentina has become a leader in Latin American sommellerie, with the best academies on the continent and noted regional figures such as Paz Levinson, Valeria Gamper and Martín Bruno, all of whom won the title of Best Sommelier in Argentina before going on to succeed at the continental and global levels, demonstrating the high standards to which Argentine sommellerie has risen.

Today, hundreds of young talents are following in their footsteps. Here and to celebrate Sommelier Day, we present 12 names worth keeping an eye on as they seem bound to shape the course of Argentine sommellerie in the future.

Sommelier Day

Sommelier Day

Florencia Álvarez

Flormi has a natural talent for adaptation and reinvention. She fell in love with cocktails thanks to Negronis and during the pandemic launched a cocktail delivery service. She then worked in France with Sergio Calderón and Paz Levinson, and on her return to Argentina, made her mark at Amarra before moving on to Raix.

Guillermina Broccoli

Curious and full of energy, Guillermina is originally from Bariloche but discovered her passion for wine and gastronomy in Buenos Aires. A noted sommelier and team leader, she works as an independent advisor creating wine lists for different projects across the country.

Pablo Casquero

Buenos Aires is a gastronomic hub in Latin America and Osaka is one of its jewels. Pablo Casquero oversees the restaurant’s wine and cocktail list with professionalism and great character. He got into the hospitality industry relatively recently, combining his knowledge of wines with a talent for providing diners with an unforgettable experience.

Camila Cerezo

La Pampa, Trevelin, Buenos Aires and Mendoza are just some of the places where Cami has worked in her career so far. Cami is a sommelier who has formed an unbeatable gastronomic and romantic partnership with Gastón, a chef. Together they molded the identity of one of Mendoza’s most famous restaurants: Ruda, where Camila runs the salon and wine list while Gastón looks after the kitchen, combining a unique, comprehensive flavor experience, a vast wine list and a stunning view.

Constanza Chiarelli

When the conversation turns to excellent service in Mendoza, Coty’s name springs up immediately. She began her career at one of the most exclusive restaurants in New York, which inspired her to choose the profession. Back in Mendoza, she set her sights on learning about wine so as to show the world Argentina’s potential. Today, at the cellar of Francis Mallman’s 1884, she educates tourists about the importance of Argentine wines. 

Felipe Colloca

Felipe, or Pipe to his friends, is an expert at making people feel at home. At 33 years old, he has already founded three restaurants where wine plays a central role, especially Lardito in Chacarita. With a warm atmosphere and a wine list to please experts and afficionados, Pipe brings producers together with consumers, offering exceptional wines at accessible prices.  

Sommelier day

Nicolás Fittipaldi

With a low profile but thoroughly engaging personality, Nico is one of the masterminds behind the cellar at Don Julio, one of Buenos Aires’ most famous restaurants. With a degree in hotel administration, Nico has travelled the world, working at a range of different bars. In 2020 he decided to settle in Buenos Aires and focus on serving wine, beginning with Vico Wine Bar. That was where Martin Bruno discovered him, inviting him to become his right-hand man at Don Julio.

Gisele Franz

Gisele manages one of Buenos Aires’ most popular restaurants, Anchoita Restaurante, with great calm and poise. Together with Valeria Mortara, she is a sommelier and manages the dining room, applying her methodical approach and expertise to ensuring that diners have an unforgettable experience.

Pia Graziosi

A year and a half ago, Pia decided to make Jujuy her home. Within a year, she had founded Rito, a consultancy and travel agency where she organizes wine tours in collaboration with the provincial government and local producers. She also trains staff to exacting standards. Before Jujuy, Pia made her mark in Mendoza, working with the Michelini family at Sitio La Estocada and contributing to the creation of a wine together with Paula Michelini.

Diana Mejías

Originally from Venezuela, Diana was always drawn to Argentine cuisine and thanks to her determination was able to fulfill her dream of working at the restaurant she wanted. She learned about wines from Aldo Graziani, creating a balanced wine list before rising to leadership positions at Picarón, and soon at Ultramarino.

Juan Lago Millán

Juan came to the hospitality industry via the kitchen and has a special talent for baking. He founded the restaurant Condarco with a partner, and came to understand the importance of service, while his passion for wine is reflected in the restaurant’s cellar.

Victoria Ortenberg

About Sommelier Day, Mar del Plata has become a widely recognized hub of high-quality cuisine and one of its newer star restaurants is Asian Ghetto, which is well known for the cellar run by Victoria. A sommelier trained at CAVE in 2008, Vicky discovered her passion for wine in Italy in 2001. Today, she doesn’t just choose the restaurant’s wines, she also holds tastings in a private room, sharing her knowledge of Argentine and international wines with local enthusiasts.  

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