Foster Lorca: the key to success is innovation 

Foster Lorca

The modern history of Argentine viticulture features a roll-call of figures who rose to the top through sheer talent and tenacity. Their number certainly includes Mauricio Lorca, an avant-garde winemaker who in the 90s decided to forge an independent career for himself. Today he is one of the most renowned oenologists in Argentina. 

Foster Lorca: Mauricio Lorca, the creative winemaker 

Foster Lorca

Mauricio Lorca was born in Rivadavia, the quintessential wine region of Mendoza, and although he was also drawn to medicine, his close relationship with the land, his roots and the local vineyards eventually brought out his passion for oenology.  

At a very young age, he started working as an oenologist for Luigi Bosca and was later placed in charge of the premium wines at Finca La Celia, until in 2003 de decided to build his own winery. To make his dream a reality, he teamed up with Enrique Foster, a Spanish entrepreneur who loves wine and Mendoza, although he currently lives in the USA.

Together, they set out on the adventure of founding the Foster Lorca winery, which is located in the District of Perdriel (department of Luján de Cuyo). Today, their facilities include a modern winery and an enchanting restaurant. Their vineyards span more than 200 hectares in Tunuyán, Uco Valley, split up between Finca Los Inicios, Finca Los Altepes and Finca Los Barrancos.

And so, for Mauricio Lorca, viticulture became a way of life. He was soon attracting attention with innovative ideas that allowed him to produce wines of great character and distinction. He also earned acclaim for rediscovering forgotten terroirs and reviving the vines he found there.  

 “You don’t earn respect and prestige in the world of wine just by supervising all the different processes, you earn it through working in the field, side by side with your team. At Foster Lorca we believe in each of the professionals who work at the winery and give them the freedom they need to unleash their creativity. We greatly value their drive and innovative ideas.” 

Foster Lorca

For example, Foster Lorca was the first winery to tokenize a wine. This means that a wine is allocated an NFT, or non-fungible token, a digital asset that can be purchased online. The idea behind the tokens is to encourage advance sales on the market, with the purchaser receiving a range of benefits before its delivery. Another example of innovation is the underwater cellar the winery currently owns, which allows them to study the effects of water pressure on wine storage. Lorca’s reputation is thus also built on his creative approaches to the wine industry.  

These different strategies have earned Bodega Foster Lorca a stream of honors and awards that have established Mauricio Lorca’s international reputation, especially for his premium, unoaked wines such as his Ancestral line, with its range of varietals and blends.  

As part of his quest to share his unique winemaking skills with the world, Mauricio Lorca also has a pair of wineries in Spain: one in Galicia and the other in León. The latter is soon to release its first lines while the wines from Galicia are clearly turning the heads of Spanish experts to judge by the awards and honors they have received already.  

Foster Lorca, a winery committed to the environment and local community  

Foster Lorca

Every vineyard is a gift from nature. Our viticulture depends on her bounty and we seek to return her kindness. We are thus committed to sustainability, valuing every natural resource that makes viticulture possible,” says Maurico Lorca. “Our approach to the production and handling of grapes is holistic and sustainable, based on three fundamental pillars: economic solvency, socio-cultural inclusiveness and employment, and respect for each of the lands we tend.” 

The oenologist’s commitment to these causes has resulted in a range of certifications, the Food Safety Guarantee, Good Manufacturing Practices in the Food Industry, and Vegan and TACC-free Certification on all of their labels. The winery has also signed up to the Wine in Moderation scheme, part of Bodegas de Argentina’s Sustainability Protocol, whose certification they received in December 2022.  

Another notable aspect is that because they are in control of the entire production chain for their wines – from harvest to bottling – Foster Lorca can ensure that sustainability is implemented at every stage of the chain.   

In addition, since 2018, Mauricio Lorca has been making certified organic wines using grapes from vineyards located in Vichigasta (La Rioja), where he is exploring new styles and techniques for Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.  

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