Argentina is synonymous with Malbec: this is what the world has to say on the internet

Argentina is synonymous with Malbec: this is what the world has to say on the internet

With a month full of activities paying homage to our flagship strain, Malbec has been strengthened as the flag of Argentine winemaking. Thousands of users around the world shared their toasts on social networks.

Since its first edition, on April 17, 2011, this celebration has achieved a remarkable impact on online channels and each year, more and more people join in the celebration. So much so that the topic of Malbec World Day -a tracker that includes searches related to Argentine Malbec- showed a reach of 53M accounts, with more than 18,000 contributors.


The site Exeter International tested the “auto suggest” function of Google to find out what each user thought about the countries of the world. Through behavioural analysis, they were able to interpret what people are interested in about each country when they turn to search engines for information.

Each country has its own tradition, that which identifies and distinguishes it, which makes it different and special in every sense. Argentina has a brand that stands out and is a huge attraction for many people: Malbec.

When writing in Google “the best of Argentina”, it was possible to see that MALBEC was the most searched for by Internet users. As The Wall Street Journal put it: “In the world, Malbec is considered a synonym for Argentine wine.”

Perceptions of Countries Around the World


At present, Malbec represents 53% of Argentine wine exports in terms of volume (litres), which in 2016 generated US$511 million (FOB) for the country. In turn, at the domestic market level, Malbec has experienced a growth of 153% in the last 10 years. This success of Malbec in Argentina could be seen on Twitter: Malbec World Day became a trend in Argentina, making it clear that Argentines feel that Malbec is the heart of the wine industry.


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