Argentina 3D, Winemakers Sessions

Argentina 3D

As part of its strategy for promoting Argentine Wine across the different markets of Latin America and improving its position in the digital environments, Wines of Argentina presents a new edition of its educational programme: ‘ARGENTINA 3D – A TRAINING COURSE FOR SOMMELIERS’. 

Following its first successful edition in 2020, Wines of Argentina, the body responsible for promoting Argentine Wine across the world, is pleased to announce: WINEMAKERS SESSIONS 2021.

Argentina 3D, 4 live virtual encounters 

This year’s edition will feature 4 live virtual encounters in Spanish that will be free to all but aimed especially at sommeliers, buyers, communicators and other wine professionals across Latin America. Each of the sessions will also be available on the Wines of Argentina YouTube channel. 

At each encounter, three different producers, winegrowers and winemakers from Argentina will invite the audience to delve further into the information provided during the 2020 edition of the ARGENTINA 3D programme and learn about the latest trends on South America’s largest wine scene. 

‘The international situation is forcing us to innovate with regard to our original communications and hospitality campaign: in 2020 we were able to reach hundreds of wine professionals. Building on that successful experience we have decided to develop a new edition of the educational programme to stay in touch with wine industry leaders across Latin America and share the most important news on the Argentine wine scene,’ explains Magdalena Pesce, General Manager of Wines of Argentina.

Argentina 3D

The Argentina 3D cycle begins on Monday, 7th of June, and will address the following themes: 

#1 – 7 of June

Criolla grape varieties: the heritage wines of Argentina

More and more wines are being produced using criolla grapes, encouraging further research into Argentine wine heritage and identification of potential new grape varieties. The Agricultural Engineer Jorge Prieto, from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology; Agricultural Engineer Luis Coita Civit from Durigutti Family Winemakers, and the winemaker Santiago Mayorga at Cadus Wines will provide an overview and insights into these developments and the resulting wines.

#2 – 14 June

The organic universe: an increasingly popular trend in Argentina

Organic grapes and wines are becoming increasingly popular across the different winemaking regions of Argentina thanks to the enthusiasm of environmentally conscious producers such as the oenologists Maricruz Antolín at Bodega Krontiras, and Victoria Brond, from Alpamanta Wines, who will appear alongside Mauricio Castro, the Agricultural Engineer and Coordinator at Vinodinámicos.

#3 – 28 June

Old vine wines: the wisdom of the ages

Argentina boasts an extensive winemaking history including many vineyards that nourish old vines and give life to some extraordinary wines following careful shepherding by expert winemakers. Roberto de la Mota from Mendel Wines; Marcelo Belmonte from Peñaflor and Horacio Bibiloni from Bodega Humberto Canale share their knowledge about these valuable old plants, which have thrived across the decades. 

#4 -5 July

Small Producers: curiosity and innovation

The Argentine wine scene has always been fortunate in its small and mid-sized producers who bring a vast diversity of flavours and styles to the table. For this session Amansado Wines introduce their biologically aged wines and Bodega Cruzat their Pet Nats and sparkling oranges.

Through programmes like this, which multiply opportunities to connect in the pandemic era and expand the horizons of the wine industry, Wines of Argentina is seeking to consolidate the digital presence of Argentine Wine, contributing to the global success of the industry and establishing Argentina as a modern wine producer with a reputation for premium wines.  

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