Content Marketing in the Wine Industry

Content Marketing in the Wine Industry

Creating a consistent Brand image using social media is a demanding task: in order for it to be successful it requires perseverance and practise. The endeavour can be even more difficult if our company reaches a wide audience that is in permanent growth. However, as in every aspect of Branding, careful planning and a thorough following of what users are saying about our brand (buzz), can lead us to the creation of high-quality content.

Is good Marketing capable of making people respond the way we want them to? No. Nevertheless, it is capable of presenting our brand in the most accurate and beneficial manner. With this goal in mind, it is important to discover what consumers want, how they make decisions, why they choose the brands they do and, finally, how and through which channels we should address them.

According to Wikipedia, Content Marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know and delivering it appropriately and convincingly. In other words, it consists in curating and sharing content that is relevant for clients and potential clients with the goal of drawing them to the company and creating a bond with them. Hence, it should not be promotional content; on the contrary, it should be useful and relevant information. This way, we will generate a unique value capable of elevating our brand’s visibility and delivering consistent and meaningful material to audiences in order to win their loyalty. In addition, the content we produce is a powerful tool to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

What are foreign consumers saying in social media when referring to Argentine wine?

Even though we cannot state sweeping generalizations on this subject, it can be easily noticed that the English-speaking public is more knowledgeable on Argentine wine than the Latin American consumer. They have a clear idea of what they want, they interact with confidence and they value educational content.

On one hand, younger audiences experience enthusiasm when they are able to distinguish and choose a specific wine for an event, they take pleasure in combining it with a special menu and they trust the recommendations that their peers share in social media, blogs and specific apps. They are not guided by the glamorous scores or prizes wines may obtain, but by the experience of their equals –TripAdvisor style-.

Elder audiences, on the other hand, appreciate the fact that they are able to understand the details that make an exceptional wine. They are familiar with classic pairings and with the aromas of Torrontés and Malbec. In addition, they choose their preferred brands and stay loyal to them. They help circulate the wineries’ news and they are capable of differentiating brands. These audiences are loyal consumers that value a deeper expertise of wine.
A recent internal study showed that in our social networks conversations revolve around Malbec, our star varietal and thus, the most acclaimed amongst our followers. These conversations are segmented as follows: 52% are related to the enjoyment that Malbec produces and its main characteristics, 38% are related to the memories and connections with the country and “being Argentine”, and 10% are related to pairings and typical Argentine cuisine.

These numbers not only demonstrate that wine linked to Argentina has renowned quality and is appreciated by its intrinsic value, but they also reflect the fact that wine is an emblematic ambassador for our country’s image, culture and places. Therefore, we can conclude by saying that the image created in the minds of our consumers, the conceptual core of Argentine wine, is being accomplished as a result of solid teamwork. This effort to present our country as a nation where wine is rooted in our culture is starting to bear fruit. The Argentine wine industry and the brand “Wines of Argentina”, with its pillars based in “being Argentine” have a lot of potential yet to discover hand in hand with our consumers. We believe it is a long and promising road ahead, but we have successfully taken the first step: choosing the right path. Thank you for reading us.


  1. Tarea ardua si las hay! Excelente nota! Por lo general nos encontramos en los medios con contenidos interminables de
    los cuales recordaremos solo un 10%. Gracias por compartir con quienes trabajamos en esta hermosa industria y quienes
    entendemos la importancia de establecer un vinculo con nuestros consumidores como también conocer sus necesidades y
    tendencias. Espero que sigan publicando este tipo de notas que generan interés y ayudan a entender nuestra imagen en el mundo.

    • Wines of Argentina

      Gracias Alfonsina 🙂 ¡Me alegra que te haya gustado la nota! Nati

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