Rutini Wines, a lasting commitment to excellence and sustainability

Rutini Wines

Having been founded 137 years ago, Rutini Wines is a leading winery on the Argentine viticultural scene, not just for its exceptional wines but also because it has always been at the forefront when it comes to implementing new methods and ideas, as well as its profound commitment to sustainability.   

In order to reinforce its leadership in these areas – and faithful to its status as a pioneering winery in the Uco Valley, Mendoza – Rutini Wines has implemented a number of sustainability-focused projects that will enhance its quest to protect the environment and provide support to the regional community, taking into consideration not just current generations, but those that will be served by the Argentine wine industry in the future.  

Rutini Wines

To achieve these goals, the winery has taken as its inspiration the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives Agenda.  

Recent approval for certification following an audit of the Bodegas de Argentina Sustainability Protocol offers evidence of the winery’s recent success in these areas as it met all the priority parameters, which include conservation of the agro-ecosystem, sustainable management of resources and materials, the circular economy, reduction of hydric and carbon footprints, creating a safe and healthy working environment, and responsible purchasing practices. 

We are proud to have taken this important step for the history of the winery and the future of the Uco Valley,” says Mariano Di Paola, the renowned winemaker at Rutini Wines.

Rutini Wines

Rutini Wines: responsible management 

Care for the environment and sustainable management of natural resources have always been priorities for the teams at Rutini Wines

The premise derives from the winery’s famous philosophy, which consists of the tireless pursuit of excellence in the wines it produces, an approach that has made it win numerous awards over the years.  

A simple tour of the Rutini Wines facilities in Gualtallary, Tupungato, will show how, throughout their history, which spans over a century, they have always incorporated and developed technological advances that help to enhance their responsible winemaking practices.

Rutini Wines is well aware of the value of assessing the impact of each of its activities in order to optimize the use of the resources they employ. This strategy has enabled it to adjust their production methods to meet the rigorous standards of prestigious global sustainability certification organizations.

Rutini Wines

The winery has formed a Sustainability Committee with representatives from each department, which allows it to properly monitor its activities and then apply the necessary improvements required by the Bodegas de Argentina Sustainability Protocol evaluation team. 

Thanks to the internal procedures that have been developed and the ongoing training of work teams, Rutini Wines have achieved remarkable outcomes throughout the production chain. 

The audit’s final report singled out the winery’s performance in the preservation of water and the quality of its wines for special praise. It is important to remember that Mendoza is a mountain desert region, so high marks for water management is a very important factor. 

The report’s conclusions also note that the winery’s carbon footprint is lower than the national average, which should be taken as encouragement to make further reductions in the future. 

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