Three delicious desserts Malbec 

Desserts with Malbec

Every good chef knows that a proper meal should always end with an excellent dessert. On the Argentine wine trail, wineries’ menus always include several extremely tempting sweet options featuring Argentina’s iconic grape. Below, three winery chefs share their recipes to prepare desserts with Malbec for everyone with a sweet tooth.

Desserts with Malbec as a protagonist

#Recipe 1

Chef: Matías Aldasoro – Piedra Infinita Restaurant – Bodega Zuccardi Valle de Uco (Mendoza)

I use Malbec in several of my recipes. In desserts, reductions, sautés, ice-cream and marinades. I very much like Malbecs from the Uco Valley where the soils lend more mineral and calcium flavours. These high altitude wines are grown in conditions with an extensive thermal range that make for crisp wines with excellent acidity. This dessert appears on my menu in strawberry season.”

Strawberries macerated in a reduction of Malbec, black pepper, natural yoghurt and mint.

For the reduction: mix 500 cc of Malbec with 200g of sugar, 1 stick of cinammon, 2 cloves and one star of anis in a pan and bring to the boil. Then lower the heat and reduce until the liquid is thick enough that you can’t see the spoon.
Slice 1 kg of strawberries into quarters and macerate them in the reduction with freshly ground pepper for 1 hour. Keep.

For the yoghurt: mix two pots of natural yoghurt with the juice of 1 grapefruit and freshly chopped mint.
In a glass, serve two spoonfuls of strawberry with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Malbec Nuggat
Malbec Nuggat by Patricia Courtois at Bodega Colomé.

#Recipe 2

Chef: Patricia Courtois – Bodega Colomé (Salta)

The Malbecs being produced in the Calchaqui Valley are a true expression of their territory offering intense colours and complex flavours with well defined aromas of dark fruit, figs and raisins. That inspired me to create desserts with Malbec based around a reduction of wine”.

Malbec Nougat

Make a syrup of 400cc Malbec and 100g sugar until reaching a temperature of  108°C (thin thread stage). Whip the egg whites until they form firm peaks and mix with the syrup. Reserve a small amount of syrup to continue whipping until the mixture cools.

Malbec Nuggat
Quinces al Malbec by Hernán Gipponi at Osadía de Crear Restaurant – Susana Balbo Wines

#Recipe 3

Chef: Hernán Gipponi, Osadía de Crear Restaurant – Bodega Susana Balbo Wines (Mendoza)

Malbec from Luján de Cuyo contains very pleasant ripe, fruity notes that come out very well in this recipe. I always try to use very good wines for the best results. I like to use Malbecs as a base or for sauces to coat meat such as racks of beef or lamb and also for desserts with fruit such as pear and quince”.

Quinces al Malbec

Peel 1 kg of quinces and slice into 6 segments. Place in water with lemon so they won’t turn brown. Place the quinces with 1 litre of Malbec, 500g sugar, 1 stick of cinnamon, 1 vanilla pod and 3 crushed stars of anis. Cook until tender, place in sterilized jars and boil for 30 minutes before serving. Serve with goat’s cheese ice cream, strips of pastry, cream and toasted pistachio nuts.  

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