Bodega Luigi Bosca: Innovation, excellence and development

Finca El Paraíso. Luigi Bosca.

The history of Bodega Luigi Bosca is a rich tale of deep-rooted tradition combined with an ongoing quest for excellence and innovation in the world of wine. A classic institution, as one of the heads of the winery, Pablo Cúneo, puts it, Bodega Luigi Bosca was founded by the Arizu family in the prestigious region of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. Right from the beginning, Bodega Luigi Bosca made its mark on the Argentine wine industry. 

The Arizu family has focused on the production of high-end wine since the founding of the winery in the early 1900s, establishing Luigi Bosca as the first boutique winery in Argentina. According to Pablo Cúneo, who runs the winery in partnership with the fourth generation of the family, “the essence and values of the winery haven’t changed from the beginning. A classic is something that consolidates itself over time due to its quality and innovation, something that never goes out of fashion, and that’s how I see Luigi Bosca.”

Bodega Luigi Bosca

Bodega Luigi Bosca

Innovation has always been a fundamental pillar of the winery’s history. Since the creation of the Luján de Cuyo Denomination of Controlled Origin in the 1990s, an initiative in which Alberto Arizu took the lead, the winery has been at the cutting edge of the industry. Cúneo says, “The winery’s entire history has been defined by great moments of innovation. For example, it was fundamental in the creation of the DOC Luján de Cuyo.”

The quest for excellence and faithful expression of the terroir are the fundamental pillars of Luigi Bosca’s philosophy. “We strive to ensure that our wines obviously and clearly express the place where the grapes are grown and the qualities of each variety, resulting in elegant, pure and vivacious wines,” says Cúneo.

“Thanks to our pioneering, enterprising spirit, we were the first winery in Argentina to launch in 2001 a high-end white blend that revolutionized the market and introduced a new cycle in Argentine viticulture: today Luigi Bosca De Sangre White Blend, which is made with grapes from selected parcels across the Uco Valley, reflects the expertise and knowledge that Luigi Bosca has to offer, seeking to achieve a complimentary balance and preserving the character of each variety. Looking to the future, we want to continue down that path, and express those same values.” 

Sustainability and forward thinking

Luigi Bosca have made a comprehensive commitment to sustainability, Pablo Cúneo says, “Sustainability is an essential pillar of our development, we’re working hard on it. 120 years making wines from old vineyards with a hallowed brand shows how truly committed we are to sustainability. The winery is concentrating on protecting the environment and preserving natural resources, reducing water consumption, using energy efficiently, promoting circular waste management and supporting the social development of the people in our organization and our local community. 

“In the vineyard, we’re focusing hard on making efficient use of water, preserving biodiversity, ensuring the fertility of the soils and reducing the use of phytosanitary products. Today, 60% of our vineyards use drip irrigation and our goal is to make that figure 100% within three years.  

“At the winery, by 2030 the plan is to reduce our water consumption by 40%, our energy consumption by 30% and to recycle 98% of our waste. Today, we consume around 3.7 liters of water for every bottle produced and our objective is to get that down to 2.8 l/bottle. 

“All our vineyards and the winery are certified under the Bodegas de Argentina Sustainability Protocol and we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Strategy for 2030.” 

Innovative oenology: science and art 

Innovative oenology is another key part of Bodega Luigi Bosca’s strategy. Cúneo explains: “What we’re doing at the winery is trying to express the essential character of the grapes and to realize their potential in wines that speak to their terroir, which is why I always say that oenology is a mixture of art and science. The artistic dimension is down to the fact that the most important decisions are taken with instinct and emotions. The scientific dimension involves a lot of study, knowledge and discovery, both when cultivating the vineyards and during the winemaking process.”    

The winery produces lines such as “Apuntes” which pays homage to the notes that Alberto Arizu took throughout his life at the winery and in the vineyards, while “De Sangre” reflects the passion and expertise that have been passed down from one generation to another.   

The recent opening of a hospitality space in Finca Paraíso is an exciting landmark for the Luigi Bosca family as it opens to the public the house where four generations of the Arizu family lived and so concentrates the essence and tradition of Luigi Bosca. Cúneo says that the house “offers a distinct experience called Roots, in which we help people connect with nature.” Visitors can enjoy tours of the vineyards, wander amid century-old olive groves, organize personalized tastings and indulge in unique gastronomic experiences.  

Bodega Luigi Bosca pays homage to the principles of quality, innovation and sustainability. In each glass, Luigi Bosca seek to convey the essence of Mendoza and maintain their distinguished place at the vanguard of the winemaking industry in Argentina and across the world.  

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