12 notable women in viticulture in Argentina 

12 notable women working in Argentine viticulture 

These 12 notable women in viticulture stand out across Argentina for their commitment to sustainability, their love of nature, their sensibility and precision, their status as regional pioneers and, overall, for how they are invigorating and enriching the local wine scene. They are taking the lead on some of Argentina’s most exciting and forward-thinking projects. 

12 notable women in viticulture

12 notable women working in Argentine viticulture 

Diana Bellincioni, Bodega Kindgard

One of these 12 notable women in viticulture. After working at Mil Suelos – a viticultural project with wineries in Mendoza, Salta and Jujuy – Diana “la Tana” Bellincioni moved to Purmamarca, Jujuy. There, she runs Bodega Kindgard, a project she works on with her family while also working with small producers to restore old native varieties and share her experience so as to improve the quality of wine across the region. This intellectually curious, widely travelled Jujeña has become an ambassador for wines from the Quebrada de Humahuaca with her Sacha Tigre and Copleras labels. 

Jimena Castañeda, Nieto Senetiner

Since she was a girl, when her father took her out into different parts of the Mendoza countryside so as to connect with the stunning landscapes of the Andes, Jimena Castañeda has loved nature. This enthusiasm inspired her to become an Agricultural Engineer and, later, to get into the world of wine. Today she runs the vineyards of Nieto Senetiner, Ruca Malen and Cadus where her work involves a concerted effort to protect the environment and support her local community. Today, she is focused on transitioning several vineyards to organic production while also implementing a range of sustainable practices that reflect her social and environmental outlook. 

Patricia Ferrari, Casa Yagüe

The Province of Chubut is the southern frontier for Argentine viticulture. In Trevelin, one of its wine regions, Patricia Ferrari and her husband Marcelo created Casa Yagüe, one of the most interesting wineries in the province where the climatic conditions can be challenging for vines. An architect and landscaper, Patricia has managed to transform the family estate by integrating vines into the Patagonian Andean landscape through organic, biodynamic methods that preserve the authenticity of the terroir. Casa Yagüe thus offers landscape-influenced wines made with grapes such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. Patricia was also one of the champions of the Trevelin Geographic Indication.  

Marcela Giroldi, Achala Wines

The next on our list of 12 notable women in viticulture in Argentina is Marcela Giroldi. Born and raised in Mendoza, Giroldi trained as a graphic designer and came to the world of wine through marketing and communications. However, once she had grown interested in the field, she started to tour different vineyards across the world and ended up working in winery tourism and sales. In 2019, she and her partner Walter Sinay uprooted to Córdoba where they make wines at a small winery located in one of the most spectacular vineyards in Traslasierra. Their first vintages demonstrated the potential of wines from this high-altitude terroir, which they make with their own hands.  

Miriam Gómez, Antigal Wines

⁠Although she prefers to keep a low profile, Miriam Gómez has made Antigal Winery & Estate one of Argentina’s most popular wineries in the USA with her UNO wines. Her hard work and consistency saw the magazine Wine Enthusiast name Antigal Winery & Estate the Best Winery in the New World. Gómez’s work is based on a constant search for the best fruit in Gualtallary and Maipú, the terroirs where her vineyards are located, while her background in science ensures precision at every stage of the process, a meticulous approach she has passed on to her team and that comes out in their wines. 

María Eugenia Herrera, Ribera del Cuarzo

Originally from Córdoba, and raised in the Río Negro Valley, María Eugenia Herrera’s passion for wine began with her grandfather. She received her degree in oenology in 2013 from the Universidad de Río Negro and since then has worked for different viticultural projects in Patagonia. Another valuable member of this 12 notable women list.

In 2022, she joined Bodega Ribera del Cuarzo in Valle Azul to work with Ernesto Bajda on the production of high-end wines that reflect the beauty and diversity of the Patagonian terroir. In addition to managing an oenological team, her commitment to the environment is reflected in how her wine output benefits the local community and countryside through the implementation of organic, sustainable practices at the vineyards and winery.   

12 notable women working in Argentine viticulture 

Macarena Herrera, Bodega La Macarena

La Rioja is the third largest wine producing province in Argentina with a long viticultural history that is today being re-evaluated through a range of new projects. This is the mission of Macarena Herrera, who runs La Macarena, a winery located in the Anguinán Valley, paying homage to the legacy of her grandfather Isidoro, who pioneered winegrowing in Famatina. Combining tradition and innovation, Macarena has taken the helm of a project that champions the viticultural potential of La Rioja, seeking to position the region as one of the most important terroirs in Argentina.

Verónica Irazoqui, Bodega BordeRío 

Re-evaluating old viticultural regions is certainly a forward-thinking approach in the wine industry and it is what Verónica Irazoqui planned when she founded BordeRío in Entre Ríos, the fourth largest wine producing province in the country back at the beginning of the 20th century. Irazoqui has bravely challenged gender stereotypes in a traditionally male world. Her vision transcends boundaries, integrating feminine tastes and sensibilities into wine production and enjoyment. With passion and wisdom, she is paving the way toward oenological equality, making creativity and talent the only criteria for success. Her winery, located in Victoria, Entre Ríos, is an oasis of innovation and quality, reflecting the transformative power of women in viticulture.  

⁠Cecilia Moretti, Achaval Ferrer

In 2020, Achaval Ferrer added the young oenologist Cecilia Moretti to their team, and after a few years as custodian of the legacy of a winery famous for honoring hundred-year-old vineyards in Luján de Cuyo, has taken control of the new winery Quimera de Agrelo. There, Moretti has started to develop new lines of wine, such as Quimerino, which are refreshing the image of Achával Ferrer to attract new consumers with a fresh style and innovative projects such as unusual blends.  

Manuela Parra, Bodega Saldungaray

Today, the Province of Buenos Aires is producing some extremely high quality wine but that wouldn’t be possible were it not for the efforts of a handful of producers who since 2000 have been working in the region. They include Manuela Parra, who played a key role in putting Buenos Aires on the winemaking map. Today, she runs Bodega Saldungaray, a family project near Sierra de la Ventana, to the southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, where she produces high end wine from what is an exotic terroir for the local scene. 

Alejandra Riofrío, Navarro Correas

Making great wines and running one of Argentina’s iconic wineries was always a dream for Alejandra Riofrío, the Mendozan oenologist who has run Navarro Correas since 2018. Having spent a lengthy period of time at Bodega Trapiche, who she joined in 2008, Riofrío is responsible for producing premium wines but was also one of the founders of the Liga de los Enólogos, an innovative project making wines focused on young people. Today, at Navarro Correas she oversees an elegant, sophisticated style that reflects her passion and ongoing quest to find the best grapes and terroirs.   

Angelina Yáñez, Lamadrid Estate Wines

After 20 years working at major wineries in Mendoza and Spain, for the past 16 years Angelina Yánez has worked at Lamadrid Estate Wines, where she is now Head of Oenology. With extensive knowledge of vineyards and wines, she encourages innovation and teamwork in her quest to maintain the quality of Lamadrid wines. Passionate about the character of each vineyard, her goal is to honor the terroir of Luján de Cuyo and the Agrelo vines as reflected in her diverse range of wines. 

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