Abito Wines, a new expression of a historic terroir

Abito Wines

The dream of having one’s own vineyard or winery has given rise to many amazing wines throughout history. No matter the region, wherever you go you’ll find people hoping to create a legacy by making their own wines.  

In Mendoza, Argentina, this is true of  Abito Wines, a project that David Mayo began in 2010 when he acquired a 200 hectare plot of native scrubland in Maipú, one of the most traditional winemaking regions in the province.  

Abito Wines

My father always had a deep love for the land and agriculture and in Mendoza he found an opportunity to interact with nature,” says Sebastián Mayo, the winery’s commercial manager.  

After a lot of hard work, Abito Wines now boasts 110 hectares of arable land, 40 of them planted with almond trees and the rest with vines of Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscatel, Bonarda, Syrah and Tannat whose grapes are sought after by many of the top wineries of Mendoza for their high end wines.   

We decided upon Barrancas because of its natural characteristics and history. While some are looking at new areas, we saw an opportunity to reinterpret the region,” says Sergio Montiel, the oenologist.

Abito Wines: environmentally aware viticulture 

At the vineyard we take special care of each vine, allowing us to produce wines with distinct personalities in which the varietal characteristics, aromas and complexities are concentrated as much as possible,” explains Valeria Bonomo, the Agricultural Engineer who oversees the Abito Wines vineyards. 

Abito Wines

Barrancas, one of the largest Geographic Indications in Maipú and part of Mendoza’s Primera Zona region, is near the Mendoza River and typically has sandy or rocky alluvial soils and a dry, sunny climate.  

It’s a natural environment ideal for the production of quality grapes, which Abito Wines initially sold exclusively to the best wineries of Mendoza. 

The vineyard is run using environmentally friendly methods, and was the first to install solar energy for the pumps that power the drip irrigation system. It was an achievement that soon became a model for other establishments in the region. 

Contemporary wines 

“Well aware of the quality of grape we were producing, we decided to take the next step and created our own wines. We want to share a contemporary vision of the vineyards of Barrancas through oenology that respects both the wine’s origins and the environment,” says Sebastián Mayo.

Abito Wines

The winery currently has seven different labels on the market; each an original twist on the variety or blend in question. The young line offers a fresh, unaged Malbec, a naturally sweet Moscatel and a Rosé that mixes together Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, the grape for which Barrancas is most famous.

The Abito Reserva line, meanwhile, offers wines that deliver pure expressions of their terroir and the character of their variety. Aged for 8 months in oak barrels, the line includes a fruity Malbec, a herbal, balsamic Cabernet Franc and a complex, spicy Petit Verdot. 

Finally, the Gran Abito Blend is an assemblage of Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot that delivers a contemporary vision of a classical region: perfumed aromas, a voluminous texture and sophisticated flavor with excellent cellar potential.

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