Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos: the future of Mendoza wine 

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos

Founded in 2003 by the Spanish businessman Enrique Foster, who invited the oenologist Mauricio Lorca to help him produce wines, Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos is a viticultural treasure, the fruit of great vision and enormous passion. Located in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, the heart of Mendoza, Argentina’s wine region, the winery stands out for its commitment to quality and excellence in wine production as well as its work on sustainability and innovation.   

The portfolio of Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos is both diverse and alluring, encompassing the region’s iconic varieties from intense reds such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, to fresh, aromatic whites such as Torrontés and Chardonnay.

The focus on sustainability and responsible agriculture does not just enrich the quality of the wines produced by Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos, it also reflects the winery’s commitment to its local community and a responsible approach to the planet that will be inherited by future generations. 

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos 

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos

In keeping with the times, the winery has been taking significant steps toward sustainability for a number of years. Certification of its sustainability protocol in 2022 was an important landmark, especially to satisfy European markets and subsequently the internal market which is increasingly adapting to the rules of the global game.   

Carina Barros, the winery’s representative, notes that sustainability is an integral part of Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos’s mission. Certification, she explains, encompasses crucial areas such as passivity, ISO standards, organic certification, good food manufacturing practices, and vegan and gluten-free production. All this guarantees the excellence of the end product while also representing a seal of approval for ongoing innovation.  

Sustainable initiatives 

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos’s energy strategy includes a transition plan toward solar energy, prioritizing efficiency and reduced consumption. Its water preservation plan focuses on constant monitoring of indicators, significant reduction of consumption such as the use of timed irrigation and modernization of systems. “We calculate the liters of water used per liter of wine delivered and bottled. We know that if it isn’t measured, it can’t be controlled and if it can’t be controlled, its use can’t be improved. So, the first thing we did was to establish measurement indicators and from that base we came up with a plan for water and energy preservation,” says Carina Barros.

In the field of waste management, the winery has managed to reduce its waste by over 40% through innovative strategies such as requesting supplies without unnecessary packaging. In addition, Barros says, they are running an exchange initiative with the Municipality of Luján de Cuyo, supporting groups of women who repurpose waste and promote a circular economy and recycling with some of the waste returning to the vineyard as posts, lighting and furniture made from barrels by local artisans. 

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos

Barros says that for Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos prioritizing local employment is key. This strengthens the relationship with the community and also helps to reduce greenhouse gases from transport. Barros says that the process of change was a challenge at first but has generated a culture of awareness related to responsible resource management and has even had an impact on the everyday behavior of employees.   

A future for everyone 

Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos

The future for Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos includes recertification in 2024 with the incorporation of carbon and hydric footprint measurement in line with the increasing demands of international markets. The commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in the organization’s determination to exceed the percentages stipulated by the protocol.  

Sustainability at Bodega Mauricio Lorca Autor de Vinos means more than certification, it is a deeply rooted philosophy that affects every part of the winery, establishing a solid path toward a more responsible and aware future.  

“We’ve tried to set up a system by which we care for resources without compromising them in the future because that is the concept of sustainability. We have a sustainability policy with measurable objectives related to the use of water and energy. We monitor our use and evaluate whether we need to implement measures to lower these indicators year on year so as to consume less water and energy per liter,” Barros concludes. 

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