Wines of argentina joins the Wine in Moderation program

Wines of argentina joins the Wine in Moderation program

This program, launched in Europe in 2008, has the capacity to adapt to different local needs and cultural identities. Through its education and information campaigns, backed by scientific data, it searches for a common message from the industry, promoting commercial responsibility in all communication and conveying the benefits of responsible consumption, as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

“We are absolutely committed to the goals of Wine In Moderation with whom we share the same values of moderation and responsible drinking. Working with them both in the industry and as end consumers, “said Susana Balbo, president of Wines of Argentina.

Main recommendations:

– A glass of wine is equivalent to 100 ml of alcohol. Therefore, the recommended units are:

Up to 2 units a day for women

Up to 3 units a day for men

No more than 4 drinks on special occasions

– Drink slowly, with time to enjoy the distinctive taste of each wine.

– Increase the pleasure of tasting: learning about the wine you drink, its composition, origin, etc. makes drinking more pleasurable.

– Select the wine that best complements your meals.

– Regular consumption of small amounts is preferable to consuming large amounts on a single oc-casion.

– For every glass of wine, drink two of water.

– Have food before or while drinking alcohol.

– Try not to mix your drinks.

– If you’re drinking alcohol, designate a responsible driver.


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