Wines of Argentina reaffirms its presence in Ontario

Markets / News / 30 July, 2015

By: Analía Lucero

On July 25, LCBO Vintages added Argentine wines in their stores and to support this, WofA organized three promotional activities which were held on July 29 at St. James Cathedral Center.

The first was a Trade Masterclass given by Sara d’Amato, one of the most important sommeliers in Canada and a judge at the Argentina Wine Awards 2015, and Marcelo Pelleriti winemaker at Bodega Monteviejo. This seminar showed the advances and innovations of Argentina viticulture and its wineries.

Furthermore, a Walk Around Tasting was performed directed towards the trade. Sommeliers, wine buyers from restaurants and hotels, wine educators and the media were invited.

The activities concluded with a sold out Consumer Tasting, an exclusive event for consumers. Guests enjoyed Argentine wine and typical food of our country along with great music whilst getting to know our culture.

In total, 23 wineries and 105 Argentine wine labels took part in the three activities.

This is the first major activity of the second half of the year in this market, and has had a very good reception from the wineries, as well as from the consumers.

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Analía Lucero
Ani Lucero es licenciada en Comunicación Social egresada de la UNCuyo. Ama leer y es una obsesiva de la buena ortografía. Es muy detallista y perfeccionista, por lo que siempre le gusta mantener el orden en lo que la rodea. Durante su formación académica trabajó en radio. Además participó activamente en diversos proyectos de Extensión Universitaria en los que desempeñó tareas comunitarias en barrios urbanos marginales de la Ciudad de Mendoza. Le apasiona el mundo de la comunicación institucional y la Semiótica, es por eso que su tesis de grado se basó en el análisis de la cultura organizacional del área administrativa del Hospital Universitario (HU) de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo desde un abordaje semiótico. Tiene una relación de amor - odio, bastante complicada, con Twitter, el chocolate y el café. Además es una aficionada a la fotografía y a los viajes. Desde el año 2010 trabaja en el área de Comunicación y Marketing de Wines of Argentina siendo una pieza fundamental del equipo, aportando prolijidad, dinamismo, y nuevas ideas. Ani Lucero graduated in Social Communication from UNCuyo. She loves to read and is obsessive about good spelling. She is a perfectionist and very meticulous, so I always like to maintain order when in her surroundings. During her academic training, she worked in radio. She has also actively participated in various University extension projects where she served in community service in urban slums of the city of Mendoza. She is passionate about the world of corporate communication and semiotics, and for this her the-sis was based on the analysis of organisational culture of the administrative area of the University Hospital (HU) of the National University of Cuyo from a semiotic approach. She has a love - hate, rather complicated relationship with Twitter, chocolate and coffee. She loves photography and travel. Since 2010 she has worked in the area of Communication and Marketing of Wines of Argentina being a fundamental member of the team, providing organisation, dynamism and new ideas.

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on 15 August, 2015

Love all of your wines, but favor the Malbec
Great value for expensive tasting wines. We are from Ottawa, Ont. Just keep em coming. We have been to Paris, Rome and Spain, so have tried enough to base our comment.

    on 28 August, 2015

    Dear Marilyn,
    Many thanks for your comment.
    We hope you can participate in next events from WofA in Ontario.

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