The Wine Advocate 2015 – The results

News / Trends / 14 September, 2015

By: Laura Ortiz

The new Parker Points for Argentine Wines have been announced. Year after year the wine industry waits anxiously to see whether their wines have made the grade, as these precious points can leave a large footprint on the sales of Argentine wines.

For the second consecutive year Luis Gutierrez, taster for Wine Advocate for Argentina, visited our country. The tastings took place at different stages during the year and in total 1056 wines from different regions, altitudes and latitudes were presented.

Let’s have a look at the Parker 100 point rating system:

● 96-100 – Extraordinary
● 90-95 – Outstanding
● 85-89 – Very Good
● 80-84 – Barely above average
● 70-79 – Average
● 60-69 – Below average
● 50-59 – Unacceptable

If we analyse the correlation between points and price one can see that there is a positive relationship. So the lowest scores correspond to the wines with the lowest prices and the highest scores usually correspond to those with the highest price tags. If we look at the wines in excess of $100 we can see that they have 91 points or more. Now, the interesting thing is to see what is beyond the trend line, where $13 wines scored 91 points or $30 wines scored 93 or 94 points. Here we see that above all, price/quality excellence has been awarded.

Correlation between points & price


The wines presented reflect the great diversity of Argentina, reds, rosés and whites, still and sparkling, varietals or blends. As is shown in the following chart “Average Points (varietal, number of samples),” the majority of samples submitted focused on Malbec, with a total of 443. After Malbec, blends followed with 220, Cabernet Sauvignon with 103 and the other categories ranged between 13 and 50 samples.

The greatest variation in percentage was seen with Malbec followed by red Blends, both with an average of about 90 points. The average Pinot was around 90 points, while the average the Cabernet was close to 88.3 points. It was clear that the efforts made with Bonarda were not reflected in either the number of samples submitted or the scores obtained: 25 samples in over 1000, with an average of 87.75 points.

This reminds me of a comment that the previous Wine Advocate taster, Neal Martin, made when he said that we should concentrate on entry level Bonardas and leave the high-end wines to Malbecs and blends.

Average Points (varietal – number of samples)


If we look at the provinces, their participation and scores, we can see that the highest scores come from Salta and Rio Negro (many samples from the same high-end winery helped this trend). Mendoza with more than 82% of the samples nearly reached an average of 89.57 points. Buenos Aires, still a new area with only 5 samples did not exceed 87 points and San Juan with almost 20% of the country’s output were able to present 17 wines.

Average points (Province – number of samples)


Only 3% of the wines obtained less than 84 points and the same percentage scored 95 or more points. The vast majority were concentrated in approximately 46% of wines between 90-94 and 48% between 85-89 points.

Distribution by score


The same relationship is found when exclusively analysing red wines. A radical change in white wines where almost 40% received 90 points or more, 55% got 85-89 points and 6% for wines less than 84 points, doubling the national average.

Distribution by range of points


When considering the three provinces with the highest number of samples, it is clear that Mendoza respects the same relation to the country, while Salta received more points between 90-94 and Rio Negro stood out with wines over 95 points.

  Mendoza Salta Río Negro
81-84 2,52% 0,00% 2,63%
85-89 46,85% 38,10% 44,74%
90-94 46,74% 59,52% 44,74%
95-98 3,32% 1,19% 7,89%


Year Wine Name Province Varietal Rating
2011 Bodega Aleanna Gran Enemigo Gualtallary Single Vineyard MZ Malbec 98
2011 Bodegas Catena Zapata Malbec Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard MZ Malbec 98
2013 Achaval Ferrer Malbec Finca Altamira MZ Malbec 97
2013 Familia Zuccardi Finca Piedra Infinita MZ Malbec 97
2013 Bodega Noemia de Patagonia Noemia RN Malbec 97
2013 Per Se La Craie MZ Malbec 97
2013 Achaval Ferrer Malbec Finca Mirador MZ Malbec 96
2013 Bodega Los Valientes Chachingo Legend MZ Blend T 96
2013 Chacra Treinta y Dos RN Pinot Noir 96
2012 Bodega Colome Altura Maxima Malbec Salta Malbec 96
2013 Familia Zuccardi Finca Canal Uco MZ Malbec 96
2013 Per Se Jubileus MZ Malbec 96
2013 Vivo o Muerto La Verdad Gualtallary MZ Malbec 96
2013 Achaval Ferrer Malbec Finca Bella Vista MZ Malbec 95
2011 Bodega Aleanna El Gran Enemigo MZ Blend T 95


Year Wine Name Province Varietal Rating
2013 Alamos Alamos Malbec MZ Malbec 90
2013 Tilia Cabernet Sauvignon MZ Cabernet Sauvignon 90
2014 Tilia Malbec MZ Malbec 90
2013 Tilia Malbec MZ Malbec 90
2014 Vista del Sur Winery High Note Red Blend MZ Blend T 90
2014 Susana Balbo Crios Red Blend MZ Blend T 90
2014 Zorzal Wines Terroir Unico Malbec MZ Malbec 90
2014 Zorzal Wines Terroir Unico Pinot Noir MZ Pinot Noir 90
2014 Gen del Alma JI JI JI MZ Blend T 91

* Points obtained per dollar invested


Year Wine Name Province Varietal Rating
2011 Bodegas Catena Zapata White Bones Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 97
2011 Bodegas Catena Zapata White Stones Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 96
2012 Bodegas Catena Zapata White Bones Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 95
2012 Bodegas Catena Zapata White Stones Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 94
2009 Passionate Wines @micheliniwine Blanco Gualtallary MZ Sauvignon Blanc 93
2013 Bodega Aleanna El Enemigo Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 93
2015 Gen del Alma JI JI JI Chenin Blanc MZ Chenin Blanc 93
2014 La Giostra del Vino Saltimbanco Sauvignon Blanc MZ Sauvignon Blanc 93
2014 Luca G Lot Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 93


Year Wine Name Province Varietal Rating
2015 Gen del Alma JI JI JI Chenin Blanc MZ Chenin Blanc 93
2014 Finca Las Nubes Torrontés Salta Torrontés 91
2013 Alamos Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 90
2012 Alamos Torrontés MZ Torrontés 90
2014 Bodega Colome Torrontés Salta Torrontés 90
2013 Familia Zuccardi Torrontés Serie A MZ Torrontés 90
2014 La Giostra del Vino Bacan Blanco Clásico MZ Blend B 90
2014 Manos Negras Atrevida Chardonnay MZ Chardonnay 90
2014 Susana Balbo Crios Torrontés MZ Torrontés 90
2015 Zorzal Wines Terroir Unico Sauvignon Blanc MZ Sauvignon Blanc 90

* Points obtained per dollar invested


After studying the increase in the number of samples tasted and the scores obtained, one can have a greater understanding of the country’s wines from the point of view of Luis Gutierrez.

A large number of samples from a handful of wineries were displayed; 40% of the samples were submitted by 30 wineries (15% of the 199 wineries that were present).

There is no relationship between the amount of wine produced and the number of samples from each region (e.g Salta has 1% of the total surface area cultivated and represented 8% of samples tasted)

Some new old players appeared; winemakers or agronomists with long, successful careers came with their own wine labels and obtained high scores and were in no way considered beginners as they based the success of their new projects on the brands created around their names.

The increase in wines tasted is 20% more than the previous year when they achieved 50% of wines with 90 points or more (a quantum leap compared with 34% in April 2014) and 15% at 89 points. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this year two labels achieved 98 points surpassing the 97 points scored last year. Each point above the maximum and each point above the national average helps to push the Argentine wine industry forward.

By María Laura Ortiz Sommelier AAS
International Diploma A.S.I Certified Sommelier CMS
Note: This report is based entirely on information obtained in the report published by Wine Advocate and it does not reflect a personal view of the current industry or the style of the wines presented.

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Laura Ortiz
Es consultora retail, sommelier, cocinera y bartender, además es actual Vicepresidente de la Asociación Argentina de Sommeliers, previamente ejerció como coordinadora de la AAS en Mendoza. Se desempeña desde hace años como jurado en concursos de vinos, espirituosas y aceites de oliva. Ha aprobado el nivel Certified Sommelier en la Court of Master Sommeliers y el Diploma Certified Sommelier en la Association de la Sommellerie Internationale. Ha escrito para medios gráficos y online, tales como, Master wine, Caminos del Vino, Tiempo Argentino, Diario Los Andes, Wines of Argentina, Clarín y AOL Brasil. Se desempeña como Head Sommelier en los eventos organizados por Wines of Argentina. Ha disertado en consulados, embajadas y escuelas de sommeliers de Argentina y Latinoamérica. Está a cargo de las degustaciones llevadas en Argentina para Guía Peñín, Palacio de hierro y colabora activamente con Tim Atkin MW. Es fundadora de Winifera – Servicios Vitivinicolas, Aromas de Cocina y Lynx Consultores. A retail consultant, sommelier, cook and bartender, Laura is also Vice President of the Argentina Sommelier Association, and previously served as co-ordinator of the AAS in Mendoza. For many years she was a judge in wine, spirits and olive oil competitions. She has passed the Certified Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Certified Sommelier Diploma at the Som-melier Association Internationale. She has written online for Master wine, Caminos del Vino, Tiempo Argentino, Diario Los Andes, Wines of Argentina, Clarín and AOL Brasil. She serves as Head Sommelier at events organized by Wines of Argentina. She has spoken at consulates, embassies and sommelier schools of Argentina and Latin America. She is in charge of the tastings done in Argentina by Peñín Guide, Palacio de hierro and actively collaborates with Tim Atkin MW. She is the founder of Winifera - Wine Services, Cooking Aromas and Lynx Consultants.

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on 15 September, 2015

Un dato a tener en cuenta es la performance de los vinos de la Quebrada de Humahuaca (Jujuy).
Se presentaron 4 vinos.

Bodega Dupont:
Pasacana, Punta Corral y Sikuri con 94,93 y 92 pts

Bodega TUKMA:
Altura 2670 con 91pts

Actualmente ya hay 6 proyectos vitivinícolas en Quebrada de Humahuaca. Todos pequeños y de alta gama.
Quebrada de Humahuaca ya es una Denominación Geográfica.
Cualquier dato complementario no dudes en pedirlo.

    on 15 September, 2015

    Excelente observación disfruto mucho los vinos de Dupont y de Tukma, se merecen los grandes puntajes.

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