Malbec: Argentina’s Great Debut

Malbec / News / 17 April, 2015

By: Magdalena Pesce

This April 17th, for the fifth consecutive year, we will be holding Malbec World Day, a celebration created and established by Wines of Argentina, the organization responsible for the promotion of the Vino Argentino brand worldwide. And we are inevitably full of expectation!

In 2015, with more than 70 events in 64 cities of 50 countries and under the theme Lights, Camera, Malbec!, which highlights Malbec’s connection with the silver screen, we celebrate the growth of the prestige of Malbec in the markets, the energy contributed by the actors who participate in this festive occasion and the originality of the actions taken to honor Malbec.

An Open Secret

Malbec is Argentina’s great debut, the star that earned the country its place in the international wine scene and allowed it to shine in an ocean of bottles, labels and countries, thanks to its sweet, silky, enveloping tannins, intensely dark color and versatility.

However, we have now come to a crossroads in its history. Although some figures reflect the challenging situation the industry is going through, we would rather think that the glass is half full and shout from the rooftops that Malbec is not a transient boom, but a classic that is here to stay and reinvent itself.

New styles develop, new regions arise, old terroirs are rediscovered, new generations of vine growers and winemakers keep going for it. Above all, new consumers across the globe are willing to choose it and fall for it, because the Malbec brand can also aspire to earn its place in the heart of wine lovers.

Figures Speak for Themselves*

• 38,846 hectares planted with Malbec in Argentina make it the most widely planted variety in the country. This is also the largest area planted with this variety worldwide.
• It represents 12.76% of the total production of wine grapes.
• With 34.9%, it ranks first in importance among the high quality wine grape varieties.
• During 2014, Malbec varietals ranked first in exported volume and represented 53% of the total varietals. With 1,169,658 hl exported, there was 10.43% increase in the exported volumes with respect to 2013, and 570% with respect to 2004.
• FOB values for Malbec varietal wines present a 2.93% increase with respect to 2013 and have risen 828% with respect to 2004.
• In 2014 Malbec varietals were exported to 119 countries. The main destinations for bottled Malbec were the United States, which represented 47% of the total, and the United Kingdom, which accounted for 9.63%.

*Source: Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (Argentina’s National Wine Institute)

It is important to highlight that we are not alone in the endeavor to promote Malbec. The celebration of Malbec World Day is also supported by wineries, the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, and the provincial governments. It is included in Plan Estratégico Vitivinícola Argentina 2020 (Argentina Wine 2020 Strategic Plan), coordinated by the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR). All in all, since 2011 and up to date, more than 500 events have been held in more than 300 cities of 190 countries. This great success is further proof of the true globalization of this celebration.

Argentine Malbec is like a good film we watch over and over again and continue to enjoy. So today, more than ever, let’s toast to this success, one that belongs to all.


Magdalena Pesce
Gerente de Marketing & Comunicación
Wines of Argentina

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Magdalena Pesce
Magdalena Pesce (Male) es la Gerente de Marketing y Comunicación de Wines of Argentina. Además de ser responsable, detallista, exigente y workaholic, es mamá de Tristán, su primer hijo humano y Froilán, un lindo puro perro negro del tipo señorito inglés. Graduada en Relaciones Internacionales, a sus 22 años y junto a su esposo, se mudaron a Europa donde dio sus primeros pasos en el mundo laboral. En 2004 se desempeñó como Asistente de Marketing en Oddbins Wine Merchants, Londres (Inglaterra); y posteriormente, de 2005 a 2008, como Product Manager en el Departamento de Marcas Blancas de Sáez Merino Textile, Valencia (España). Durante este último tiempo, repartió su tiempo entre su hogar en Valencia y los centros de producción de la empresa ubicados en Hong Kong, Guangzhou y Ningbo (China). En el año 2009, ya nuevamente en Argentina, comenzó a trabajar en WOfA como Área Manager para los mercados de Estados Unidos, Brasil, Latinoamérica y Canadá. Desde el año 2013 es la responsable de generar, junto al equipo, estrategias y líneas de acción para el posicionamiento de la marca vino argentino en el mundo. Siempre a la moda, disfruta todas las cosas buenas que la vida tiene para ofrecer. ¿Su leitmotiv? “No podemos esperar encontrar la perfección sin trabajar para alcanzarla”. Magdalena Pesce (Male) is the Marketing & Communications Manager of Wines of Argentina. Besides being responsible, diligent, demanding and a workaholic, she is the mother of Tristan, her first child and Froilan, a pure, black, cute ‘English gentleman’ type of dog. Graduated in Interna-tional Relations, at 22, she moved to Europe with her husband, where she took her first steps in the working world. In 2004 she served as Marketing Assistant for Oddbins Wine Merchants, London (England); and later, from 2005 to 2008 as a Product Manager in the Department of Marcas Blancas de Sáez Meri-no Textile, Valencia (Spain). During this, she divided her time between her home in Valencia and the production centres of the company located in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Ningbo (China). In 2009, back in Argentina, she began working for WofA as Area Manager for the markets of the United States, Brazil, Latin America and Canada. Since 2013 she has been responsible,together with the team for generating strategies and lines of action for the brand positioning of Vino Argentino in the world. Always a la mode, she enjoys all the good things life has to offer. Her leitmotiv? "We can not expect to find perfection without working to achieve it.”

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