The Rose Phenomenon

Trends / 31 October, 2014

By: Kendra Forsythe

“What do you feel like drinking tonight” “ I don’t know, how about Rose.”
“We brought the Rose!!!”
“Summer housewarming, the Rose will flow!”
Those three phrases and more was what I heard all summer. Rose, Rose and more Rose. You would think it was the only wine style people drank from Memorial Day to Labor Day in NYC, The Hamptons, and beyond. While “summer wines” always tend to be more popular during those hot months, where all you dream about is a crisp glass of something with the perfect acidity to go with your lobster roll, I was astonished this summer season to see so many people flock towards this one specific type. People who normally don’t drink wine, and who might not even know how Rose is made, or that a Cabernet grape, be it Sauvignon or Franc, can make some of the most spectacular Rose wines out there, could not get enough this summer.

Take the weekend of July 25th for example. I went out to Montauk with a few friends for a weekend of fun in the sun. On Saturday evening, we thought it would be a great idea to head down to Crow’s Nest- an amazing restaurant overlooking the water. Well, apparently we were not the only ones with that great idea; when we got to the restaurant there was a 3.5 hour wait! Nonetheless, we decided it was worth it and to wait it out at their water side bar-a bar that served nothing but ROSE! (and oysters…). That is literally what their sign said….ROSE. No name of the winery, no vintage year, no nothing…just Rose, that’s all anyone cared about anyway, right? Well, about 3 hours later, after a beautiful sunset and about 4 bottles of this mystery Rose, that was certainly all we cared about. The Rose also helped the blow when our table was given up to Charlie Hunnam, lead in Sons of Anarchy.

There’s a Severe Rosé Shortage in the Hamptons

”The New York Post reports that the Hamptons is “running dangerously low” on the wine. Restaurants are even ordering “emergency” pallets. This is perhaps the most dramatic rosé shortage since 2012, when Hamptons wine shops limited sales to four bottles a customer.” –Maggie Lange

So what is it about this wine? Does the BranGelina factor come into play that much here? (for those of you know don’t know, they bought a vineyard in the south of France a few years ago and started producing their own Rose wine). I’m not sure. All I do know is that when Page 6 of the New York Times stated that “Rose Running Dangerously Low in the Hamptons,” it probably caused everyone in the city to stock up before heading out east. I, fortunately, already had my favorite bottle of Argentine rose chilling in the refrigerator and didn’t need to panic.

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Kendra Forsythe
After graduating from Gettysburg College in 2009, Kendra Forsythe traveled to Argentina, and established herself in Mendoza. It was here that her wine journey began as she immersed herself amongst the Malbec vines and wine culture. For four years Kendra worked for a luxury wine tourism company as the sales and marketing director where she was responsible for interacting with each customer on a personal level to create their perfect experience in Mendoza. Working in Mendoza gave Kendra insiders’ access to various aspects of the Argentine wine industry, which she frequently shared with her clients. After four years in Mendoza, Kendra decided to move back to the United States and became part of the QW Wine Exerts team-a wine consulting firm with a focus on imported fine wines. Here she works as the Special Projects Coordinator and is responsible for building client relationships by working on different projects and developing new business. Kendra graduated Cum Laude from Gettysburg College with a major in Globalization Studies and a double minor in Spanish and Anthropology. During college, she was also fortunate enough to study abroad in Ecuador and Spain, which sparked an interest in Latin based cultures and languages. She holds a certificate degree in wine consulting from the Wine Institute, in Mendoza, Argentina. Luego de graduarse del Gettysburg College en 2009, Kendra Forsythe viajó a la Argentina y se estableció en Mendoza. Fue aquí donde comenzó su viaje a medida que se fue sumergiendo en los viñedos de Malbec y en la cultura mendocina del vino. Durante cuatro años, Kendra trabajó como gerente de ventas y marketing en una empresa de turismo vitivinícola de lujo, donde se encargaba de interactuar a nivel personal con cada uno de los clientes con el fin de crear la experiencia perfecta para ellos en Mendoza. Trabajar en nuestra provincia le permitió a Kendra obtener acceso directo a varios aspectos de la industria vitivinícola argentina, que ella a menudo compartía con sus clientes. Después de cuatro años en Mendoza, decidió regresar a los Estados Unidos y unirse al equipo de QW Wine Experts -empresa consultora especializada en la importación de vinos de alta gama. Allí se desempeña como Coordinadora de Proyectos Especiales y se encarga de construir relaciones con los clientes a través de la realización de diferentes proyectos y el desarrollo de nuevos negocios. Kendra egresó del Gettysburg College con honores, y con una especialización en estudios sobre globalización y dos subespecializaciones en español y antropología. Mientras realizaba sus estudios universitarios, tuvo la fortuna de estudiar también en Ecuador y España, lo cual hizo despertar su interés en las culturas y lenguas de origen latino. Obtuvo además una certificación en consultoría vitivinícola del Wine Institute, en Mendoza, Argentina.

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