Among the main varieties, only Malbec and red blends increased in volume.

In 2015, the amount of bottled wine brands rose to 2,681, a growth of 88 compared with 2014.

In 2015, out of the top 10 destinations, 7 grew in volume and value. The United Kingdom grew the most (+255.6 thousand boxes), United States (+156 thousand cases), China (+94.8 thousand cases) and Mexico (+77.2 thousand cases).

In 2015, bottled wine came to $722.9m with market share at 77%.

In December, Argentina’s wine industry exported 28.1 million litres valued at $70.6m.

In 2015, total wines and must exports came to $933.6m and amounted to 359.8 million litres.

PHIL CROZIER Latin American tour

Markets / News / 23 October, 2015

By: Hugo Sabogal

In its 15 restaurants scattered across the UK, and three international ones located in Dubai, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires, Crozier, wine director of the group, has sold over 700,000 bottles thanks to a successful program of sales and customer service. Through its innovative wine list and staff training it has been able to sell an average of half a bottle per person to more than 1.5 million guests who visit their restaurants every year.

To learn how he does it, Wines of Argentina invited Crozier to participate in a unique tour of Colombia, Brazil and Peru, in late October. His appearance in Bogota is scheduled for the 27th, at the Cosmos Hotel. Then, on 29th, he’ll participate in “Semana Mesa San Pablo”, organised by the influential magazine Prazeres da Mesa, and finally end his tour in Lima, capital of a new global cuisine, with his seminar held in the Hotel Belmont Miraflores Park Hotel.

About 600 Colombian, Brazilian and Peruvian wine professionals will share their experiences and knowledge, and taste some of the wines selected by Crozier for the British market.

Every week, at Gaucho, 31,000 local and international diners consume seven tons of Argentine beef and 58,000 bottles of Malbec and other varieties. With annual sales of $60 million, the chain sells ten times more than the most successful Grill in Buenos Aires.

As an expert, Crozier is a member of the tasting panel of the magazine Decanter, and author of the new chapter on Argentina from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, one of the principal training schemes worldwide.

Hugo Sablogal Sabogal
Born in Colombia, Hugo is the PR of Wines of Argentina for Latin America. He has worked as a journalist and wine columnist in recognised local and international publications. He also has served on tasting panels in South America, USA and Europe. He was the author of the Colombia Wine Guide 2006, 2007 and 2008. He studied classical studies and Spanish & Latin American literature at the University of London, and has specialisations in the field of publishing and in the wine sector. He has passed levels 1 and 2, as well as the blind taste test of level 3 of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, London.

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